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Keto Cookie Dough Bombs

Are you living the keto lifestyle but craving something sweet? Trust me, I’ve been there. (I’m actually always there!) This is why these Keto Cookie Dough Bombs make my taste buds and my keto diet very happy. They’re “legal” but taste like they’re not…and when I can eat something “naughty” without breaking any rules, I’m …

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Cheeto Cookies Recipe

Yes, you read it right. These cookies are actually made using your favorite Cheeto puffs! Now, when you’re trying to decide between having something sweet or salty, you can just whip up a batch of these and handle both at once.  Who would have thought that the cheesy goodness of Cheetos and the sweetness of …

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S’mores Pizza

This s’mores pizza is the classic campfire favorite treat reinvented and, there we say it, improved! A super soft cookie based baked in a skillet and topped with lots of chocolate, fluffy marshmallows and all the graham cracker crumbs. Serve it over ice cream or just eat it by itself, this will become a total …

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