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Donut Cookie.

Donut Cookies

D’oh! Did someone say, “donut cookies?” Indeed, we absolutely did! But how cute are these donut cookies anyway?  They look like donuts but are cookies! They’re stackable, dunkable, delicious…and hey, if they’re technically donuts, couldn’t you eat these donut cookies for breakfast? We think so! These donut cookies are the ultimate treat to make the …

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Heart Sugar Cookies.

Heart Sugar Cookies

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to make these heart sugar cookies. Any time you make them will surely show your love for your kids, family, and friends too.  Heart sugar cookies can make excellent party favors too for any occasion. They’re beautiful, and of course, you’ll be making them with love. And …

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Cookie Monster Cookies.

Cookie Monster Cookies

You’ve gotta try these delicious Cookie Monster cookies! “Hey kids! Do you want chocolate chip cookies or Oreo cookies?” It’s a question most of us have asked. And the answer is always that one kid wants chocolate chip while the other wants Oreo. Now they’re bickering and you need to keep the peace. But your …

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Hot Cocoa Cookies.

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Cookies and cocoa always go hand-in-hand. And then they go from hand to mouth. A comforting classic that always wins big, you can gather your gang together for these hot cocoa cookies. Serving with cocoa is optional but recommended! Hot cocoa cookies couldn’t be easier to make. Even if you’re a newbie to the baking …

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