Rachelle Kae

Banana Cupcakes.

Banana Cupcakes

Get ready to make a dessert that they will go bananas for…literally! These banana cupcakes have it all – big banana flavors, creamy marshmallow frosting, and a touch of waffle cone. It’s like a carnival in a cupcake liner, perfect for any kind of party at any time of year. Kids will naturally love them, …

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Twix Layered Cake.

Twix Layer Cake

You’ve gotta try this Twix layer cake if you’re a fan of Twix! If caramel and chocolate is your ultimate sweet treat combo, then don’t just sit there…make Twix layered cake. This gorgeous, showstopper of a cake looks like it came straight from the bakery, but it’s beyond simple to make. It starts with boxed …

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Donut Cookie.

Donut Cookies

D’oh! Did someone say, “donut cookies?” Indeed, we absolutely did! But how cute are these donut cookies anyway?  They look like donuts but are cookies! They’re stackable, dunkable, delicious…and hey, if they’re technically donuts, couldn’t you eat these donut cookies for breakfast? We think so! These donut cookies are the ultimate treat to make the …

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Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcakes with Sweet Cream Frosting.

Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcakes

Some people live for hot fudge sundaes all summer long. But then the seasons change and it’s too cold for ice creamy treats.  Instead of lamenting, you can use that summer ice cream shop inspiration to make these hot fudge sundae cupcakes.  Besides, it’s kind of hard to make hot fudge sundaes for all the …

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Dr. Pepper Cupcakes

Dr. Pepper Cupcakes

It’s just what the doctor ordered! Wasn’t that Dr. Pepper’s slogan ages ago? In any event, Dr. Pepper cupcakes are the cure for boring desserts. When you need to bring cupcakes to a party or potluck, or you want to delight your kids and their friends, cementing yourself as the best mom on the planet, …

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Heart Sugar Cookies.

Heart Sugar Cookies

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to make these heart sugar cookies. Any time you make them will surely show your love for your kids, family, and friends too.  Heart sugar cookies can make excellent party favors too for any occasion. They’re beautiful, and of course, you’ll be making them with love. And …

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Carrot Cake Donuts.

Carrot Cake Donuts

If you love carrot cake so much, you could eat it for breakfast, then why not make that happen? Yes, carrot cake donuts are a thing. In fact, they’re probably THE next big thing. And rest assured when you make these delicious carrot cake donuts, you’ll be presenting it in the best possible format. After …

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Rainbow Sherbert Cupcakes

Rainbow Sherbet Cupcakes

Whether you want to make a summer day cheerier or turn a dreary winter day into one full of sunshine, everyone will cheer for you when you make rainbow sherbet cupcakes. These are the quintessential cupcake that brings happy, fruity flavors together with a Coney Island carnival vibe, making them perfect for birthday parties or …

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