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Lemon Muddy Buddies in a bowl.

Lemon Muddy Buddies

Time to mix up your favorite puppy chow recipe with these lemon muddy buddies! “Sure, I can host the meeting here,” you say, trying to hide your reluctance. The kids left all their books and toys strewn about like a tornado just ripped through your living room. And you’ve got only a short time before …

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fox cupcakes on a plate.

Easy DIY Fox Cupcakes

Want to make the cutest fox cupcakes? We’ve all been to those birthday parties and events where that one mom shows up, armed with an Insta-worthy tray of cupcakes. They’re almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. And as you look at her and her flawless everything, you begin to doubt your own capabilities. Why do …

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Donut filled with chocolate

Chocolate Filled Donuts

Chocolate-filled donuts are wonderfully easy to make. They’re a sweet treat that’s perfect for any time and place, and we love to have a box of them in our home ready for anyone to snack on. Try these donuts out soon – we’re sure you’ll love them! What makes this recipe great? We honestly think …

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Chocolate Snowman Pretzels

Chocolate covered pretzels are one of our favorite sweet and salty desserts! These Chocolate covered snowman pretzels are perfect for this holiday season! All you need are some mini pretzel sticks, and your favorite dipping chocolate, and you can have the cutest little snowman treat! We used white chocolate and milk chocolate in this recipe …

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