Easy DIY Fox Cupcakes

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Want to make the cutest fox cupcakes?

We’ve all been to those birthday parties and events where that one mom shows up, armed with an Insta-worthy tray of cupcakes. They’re almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

And as you look at her and her flawless everything, you begin to doubt your own capabilities. Why do your cupcakes always come out looking like Shrek melted on the surface of the sun?

close up of a fox cupcake.

Well, no more of that for you!

Now you can make these Fox Themed Cupcakes and be the dessert hero you deserve to be.

For bake sales, parties, holidays, and any time you want to serve the cutest cupcakes in town, this recipe is going to show you just how to do it without a fuss. Just look at those cute little candy noses!

If you can follow simple directions, you’ve totally got this. Yes, even those of you who have never baked anything before in your lives!

4 orange and white fox themed cupcakes.

What You Will Need for Fox Themed Cupcakes

  • One box of cake mix – Choose your favorite flavor, and make sure you have everything the box calls for to prepare your cupcakes.
  • Cupcake liners – Don’t forget these!
  • Frosting – You’ll need white frosting, orange frosting, and chocolate frosting.
  • Piping bags and tips – Have 4 piping bags plus a small star tip and a small leaf tip.
  • Heart deco candy – For that cute little foxy nose!

How to Make Fox Cupcakes

The best part about these cupcakes is that it all starts with a box mix.

You’ll just make those cupcakes exactly as the box tells you and let them cool.

And then the fun begins!

You’ll fill one of the piping bags with white frosting and cover each cupcake with it completely. 

Then you’ll fill the orange frosting into a piping bag with a small star tip to create that fox fur look. It’s a bit like a semi-circle or crescent with a tip. Or an umbrella, however you look at it. 

Now, you’ll make the ears by using the chocolate frosting in a piping bag with the small leaf tip. Just pop them right on!

You’ll then take the chocolate frosting in a piping bag with a small opening so you can draw on the eyes and nose tip.

And on that cute little nose tip if you desire, the finishing touch…that heart deco candy!

It’s also just as cute without the little candy addition, btw, in case you can’t find them. 

Now see how easy that is?

You’ve got the most adorable Fox Cupcakes that everyone will love. They’ll ask, “Oh, where did you buy these?”

And then you can proudly declare you didn’t buy them. You made them!

The full details for how to do it are below so get those cupcakes in the oven, get your frosting ready, and make these Fox Themed Cupcakes today!


  • 1 box cake mix, your favorite flavor 
  • White frosting in piping bag 
  • Orange frosting in piping bag with small star tip 
  • Chocolate frosting in piping bag with small leaf tip 
  • Chocolate frosting in piping bag 
  • Heart deco candy 
baked cupcakes and 4 piping bags filled with frosting.


1. Bake cupcakes per box recipe, cool completely.

2. Pipe white frosting onto each cupcake.

cupcake piped with white frosting.

3. Use the orange frosting to create orange fox shape face as shown below.

white frosted cupcake with orange star piping at top of fox head.
close up of fox head with ears added from frosting.

4. Use the brown frosting with leaf tip to create ears.

fox ears with chocolate frosting on cupcake.

5. Use the brown frosting with small opening to create eyes and nose tip.

6. Place heart deco candy on end of nose if desired.

process of frosting fox cupcake eyes and nose.


4 cupcakes decorated as fox.

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