Harry Potter Owl Cupcakes

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These Harry Potter Owl Cupcakes are easy to make, and perfect for beginners!

Whether you are catering to a crowd of ravenous Harry Potter fans or just fans of the majestic birds, these Easy Owl Cupcakes will please everyone. 

Is your kid a Harry Potter-head too? It’s easy to get caught up in all that magic.

But before you know it, it will be time to plan that birthday party.

And when you hear, “Mom! I want a Harry Potter birthday party,” you’ve got to pull out all the stops.

Sure, you’ll have the décor down. That part is easy.

Short of getting the entire cast of Harry Potter to turn up, how can you blow everyone away with the most memorable party of all?

top of owl cupcake in front of harry potter books.

You don’t need a special wand or a book of spells.

All you need is this recipe for Harry Potter owl cupcakes.

These are so simple to make, you won’t need any tricks up your sleeve.

Just a few common ingredients are all that are required and your Harry Potter party will totally take off!

Feeling brave? Make this awesome Harry Potter Cake with these cupcakes!

They look like you spent hours carefully frosting, dipping, crafting and creating these treats, but they are wonderfully easy.

Thanks to a trick with a microwave, you don’t have to fight with a spatula or knife to get that perfectly smooth, satin finish.

Grab the kids to get involved and let your imaginations fly as you work together to build these masterpieces that are also a fun graduation party treat!

Harry Potter owl cupcake with patches around it.

What You Will Need for Harry Potter Owl Cupcakes

  • Your favorite cupcake recipe – It could be from a box mix or homemade. And it can be in any flavor. We recommend whatever your child loves most!
  • White frosting – Buy the stuff in the jar.
  • Small marshmallows
  • Mini Oreo cookies
  • Plain M&M’s

How To Make Your Own Harry Potter Owl Cupcakes

All those Harry Potter-heads are going to go crazy for these Harry Potter owl cupcakes that look like Hedwig.

They look like they took forever to make but they’re one of the easiest, quickest things you can do to create a Harry Potter theme and a delicious dessert all in one.

To start, you’ll make the cupcakes as directed. Make sure you let them cool and then move onto the frosting. 

You’ll then remove the lid and foil from your white jar of frosting and pop it into the microwave. Heat it for about 30 seconds and then you can dip each cupcake into the frosting. Let that excess drip off and you’ll have a satiny-smooth finish.

Next, you’ll cut the marshmallows in half. Scissors or a knife works here. You just want a diagonal angle. Squeeze the tinner portion of the marshmallow to make tufts. You can check out how to do that below in the photos with the detailed steps. This will go at the top of the cupcake. 

You’ll then put the Oreos on, just below the tufts. Add a brown M&M on each creamy Oreo center. Cut either a yellow or brown M&M in half and put it vertically so the chocolate side isn’t showing.

One big tip here is that you need to either serve these immediately or chill them so the frosting will set. Otherwise those candies will slide off. Since you’re likely prepping them ahead, make space ahead of time in your fridge to do exactly that and your Harry Potter owl cupcakes are going to soar to the top of everyone’s list of favorites!


Your Favorite Cupcake Recipe – any flavor

White Frosting

Small Marshmallows

Mini-Oreo cookies

Plain M&Ms


1. Whip up a batch of your favorite cupcakes. Any flavor, color or density works. 

2. Warm up a jar of white-hued frosting in the microwave after removing the lid and foil seal. Up to 30 seconds should do the trick.

3. Dip cupcakes into the frosting, letting excess drip off. This will create a smooth finish in seconds!

dipping cupcake into frosting jar.

4. Cut small marshmallows in half by slicing them with a knife or scissors at a diagonal angle. 

5. Gently squeeze the thinner portion of the marshmallow to create the tufts, and place at the top of your cupcake.

6. Twist Oreos open making sure the Oreo center stays on one side of the cookie, and lay next to each other.

7. Add a brown M&M on each cream center of the Oreo.

8. Cut a yellow or brown M&M in half and place it vertically with the broken chocolate side down, below the Oreo cookies, for the Owl nose.

Close up of Harry Potter Owl Cupcake.

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