Santa Belt Brownies

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Some of the best desserts are ones you can make from a box and just jazz it up a bit. These Santa Belt Brownies are just that! Easy to make, and you get to enjoy the decorating. Of course you could always substitute with your favorite homemade brownies as well.

Brownies decorated as Santa belts

We love making homemade brownies, but sometimes, boxed brownies are just better! And being a busy mom, quick and easy is always something we jump on.

These are such a fun treat for a Christmas party or treat exchange. Get in the festive spirit and make some fun Christmas treats for your family gatherings this year.

Try a Grinch themed cookie or this Grinch Fudge to add to the plate too!


-2 boxes of brownie mix 

Icing ingredients:
-3 egg whites
-2 C powder sugar
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-1/2 tsp cream of tarter
-Red, black and yellow gel food coloring
-3 disposable piping bags with a number 2 tip 
-1 squeeze bottle


Brownie Directions:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Prepare your brownies according to your brownie box.

3. Once baked, let cool on a wire rack until cooled to room temperature.

4. Once cooled, slide brownies out of pan and cut into bars.

5. Flip brownies upside down so that you can pipe icing on the smooth side.

Icing directions:

1. Using a standing mixer, combine egg whites, powder sugar, vanilla, and cream of tarter and mix until stiff peaks form.

2. Split the icing into three bowls

3. Add food coloring into each bowl until you get your desired color. One color per bowl. (Red, Yellow, Black)

4. Scoop a little bit of the red icing into one piping bag with a number 2 tip and the black icing into the second number 2 tip and the yellow icing into the third piping bag with number 2 tip.

5. Add 3 tbsp water into the remaining red icing and mix until combined.

6. Pour icing into a squeeze bottle

7. Using the black icing, pipe the belt in the middle of the brownies and fill in

8. Using the red icing, pipe the top and bottom part and fill in with the thinner red icing in the squeeze bottle.

9. Using the yellow icing, pipe on the belt buckle

Let dry before serving.

Santa Belt Brownies on a cutting board

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