Beaver Cupcake: Cute Woodland Animal Cupcakes

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Want the cutest Beaver Cupcakes? Got a cute little critter who has a birthday party coming up?

Or maybe you just want to make something fun for back to school to send in for the whole class to enjoy.

While you sit there trying to think of ideas, it suddenly hits you…DAM!

Beaver Cupcake with nutter butter tail.

Yes, that’s correct. Dam. As in beavers, of course!

These beaver cupcakes couldn’t be any cuter. For birthday parties or other kids’ events, they look like they were made by the bakery. But you’re going to make them.

Hey, if beavers can build dams, you can build these beaver cupcakes. There’s really nothing to them. A boxed mix helps you get there and then all you do is decorate them with candy pieces and Nutter Butter cookies.

Even if you’ve never really baked anything before, these are one of the simplest ways to create a cute party theme for any child. Everyone loves how cute these beaver cupcakes turn out, complete with their buck teeth and beaver tails!

Make sure no one has a peanut allergy and then you are good to go making the dessert that will have everyone saying “dam” but in the other way because they’re THAT good!

2 chocolate beaver cupcakes with nutter butter cookies as tails.

What You Will Need to Make A Beaver Cupcake

  • Chocolate cake mix – You’ll want to get the ingredients that the box calls for too. Feel free to use your own favorite chocolate cupcake recipe base if you’ve got one though.
  • Chocolate buttercream frosting – Put this in a piping bag that has a Wilton 1M star tip.
  • Brown candies – We recommend either brown M&M’s or Sugar Babies for the ears and for the nose, brown mini M&M’s.
  • White Tic Tacs – These mints will serve as the teeth on the beaver cupcakes.
  • Nutter Butter cookies – You’ll need to scrape out the cream center of the cookies and use one side of the cookie for each tail.
  • Sugar candy eyes – The finishing touch on our beaver cupcakes!
  • Brown cupcake liners – Technically, you could use any color, but the brown ones make them look more beaver-like. 

Make Your Own Woodland Animal Cupcakes

You’ll start by following the instruction on the box of cake mix for preparing chocolate cupcakes. These will need to cool completely before you begin turning them into beaver cupcakes.

Once cooled, you can pipe on a stacked swirl of chocolate frosting onto the cupcakes. Then add the cookie tail in the back so that the patterned side is facing the center of the cupcake. Place the eyes, ears, and nose, then put the teeth under the nose so they hang just over the edge of the cupcake. 

And that’s how you make beaver cupcakes, in a nutshell. The full recipe is below in greater detail so you can see exactly where everything goes!

ingredients for beaver cupcakes on a table.


-1 box chocolate cake mix + additional ingredients per directions OR your favorite recipe 

-Chocolate buttercream frosting in a piping bag with Wilton 1M Star Tip 

-Brown M&M’s or Sugar Babies for ears 

-Brown mini M&M’s for nose 

-White Tic Tac mints for teeth, 2 for each cupcake  

-Nutter Butter cookies for the tail, one side of cookie for each tail, cream center removed 

-Sugar decorating eyes 


  1. Bake cupcakes per recipe, cool completely 
  2. Pipe a stacked swirl of chocolate frosting on cupcake
chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting piped on top.

3. Place cookie tail in the back of the cupcake as shown, pattern side in.

chocolate cupcake with nutter butter cookie in back as beaver tail.

4. Add eyes, ears, and nose.

5. Place 2 tic tacs as the teeth, just under the nose at the rim of the cupcake.

decorated beaver cupcake.

6. Your beaver cupcakes are complete, enjoy! 

2 beaver cupcakes on a table.

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